What should you consider when choosing a dog walker?

Friday, March 15, 2019

Even if that means it’s not me, you might live too far away from Ongar, I still have your dog’s best interest at heart, let’s face it, dog walkers aren’t highly paid, but I love dogs and enjoy the outdoors.

Will you need a key to my home?
If you are not going to be in when I call to collect your dog, I will need to be able to get in. All my existing dog’s parents 😊 provide me with a key. I am criminal records checked with the Police and have a certificate to prove it!

Invite the dog walker to meet your dog
I like to meet my customers, both dogs and their owners. You are going to be entrusting your dog walker with a member of the family, you should meet up and get to know each other. I can come to your home or you can bring your dog to mine. I do not charge for this time, I consider this time well spent for all of us, you, me and your dog. I am even willing to come on a test walk with you and your dog.

What areas do they cover?
Ok, this goes without saying you need a dog walker who can cover the area in you live in. I provide dog walking services locally within a 5 mile radius of my home in Ongar.
5 miles around Ongar includes many areas such as North Weald, Coopersale, Epping, Moreton, Shelley, Fyfield, Willingale, Chipping Ongar, High Ongar, Marden Ash, Greensted, Norton Mandeville, Bobbingworth, The Rodings, The Lavers, Blackmore, Doddinghurst, Kelvedon Hatch, Stondon Massey, Stanford Rivers and more!

However, if you live a little further and need a dog walker, please do give me a call and I'll try and help if your dog needs walking!

Who will walk my dog?
Consider some dog walking services act as an agency and its not necessarily the person you meet that will walk you dog. If it’s someone else, then I suggest you meet that person and see how they are around your dog. When I meet potential customers, it’s me you are getting to know and how I am with your loved one. I personally walk your dog.

Is the dog walker insured?
A professional dog walker should have insurance. I have Public liability with Direct Line.

How many dogs will the dog walker exercise at the same time?
How many dogs is the dog walker insured to walk at the same time? My insurance covers me to walk up to 6 dogs at the same time, personally that’s too many for me. Each dog gets attention from me on our walks and 6 is stretching it, let alone transporting 6 dogs.

What if something happened to my dog whilst out walking or in your care?
Would your dog walker return your dog home? I personally would call you and agree next steps. If that means taking your dog to the vet, I will. Your dog’s welfare comes first.

Dog first aid?
How many people do you know or have even heard of that have given a dog mouth to mouth and broke him back from the dead? My neighbours dog drowned in his pond, he rushed the dog to the front of his house opposite mine, desperate for help. His eyes were glazed over (dog, not owner) and he had stopped breathing. I am a trained first aider and used my knowledge to perform CPR on his dog. I am very proud and relieved to say I brought him back to life. My husband and I, then rushed the dog and neighbour to the local vets, dog spent the night in an oxygen tent.

Questions dog walker might ask you?
A professional dog walker should ask YOU questions too. If they care about dogs, don’t be surprised if they have a question or two of their own.

What is your dog like? Does your dog bite? Does your dog get on with other dogs? Should your dog be walked on his/her own? Is your dog ok off the leash? I like to keep a dog on the leash until I am confident your dog will come back. I’ll continue to keep him on the leash if you wish too. Is he/she ok with adults, kids’ other animals? Is your dog scared/nervous – cars, lorries, roads. Traffic noises. Can your dog swim – I walk a gorgeous long-haired Dachshund who cannot.